Logo for Telejob product which aims at creating the first persistent community of students and graduates of ETH Zurich.


Polyclub logo

Telejob is a non-profit organization run by PhD Students of ETH Zurich. It is a sub-group of the Academic Association of Scientific
Staff of ETH Zurich.Telejob’s mission is assisting ETH Zurich graduates in finding their dream jobs. It will try to innovate in the landscape
of digital recruitment in 2019 with Polyclub. Polyclub’s logo was selected from among 97 submissions. I participated with 3 submissions
and won first and second place.

According to the briefing it was important to make clear the connection between Telejob and Polyclub. For this reason I decided to useTelejob’s colors and the paper airplane from Telejob’s logo.

telejob logo

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